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Where to Buy Mandarin Hill Orchards’ Citrus Fruit

The best place to buy Mandarin Hill Orchards citrus is at our 20-acre orchard in Penryn.

If you can’t make it by, you can also find Mandarin Hill Orchards citrus fruit in the produce section of many stores across Northern California and Nevada, including: (links)

We no longer ship from our orchard. If you'd like to have some of our delicious fruit shipped, please visit Newcastle Produce.

Citrus Trivia:

Navel oranges originated in Bahia, Brazil, and are now the most important eating orange variety in the world. They thrive in exotic places like the Mediterranean, Australia, Argentina and right here in California. Each navel orange has an unmistakable “baby fruit” embedded in its blossom end -- the navel. They mature early, are typically large and seedless, and segment easily. If used for juice, they should be squeezed as needed because their juice turns bitter quickly, even when refrigerated.

Placer Grown Satsuma Mandarins