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Visit Our Citrus Orchards in Beautiful Penryn

Our family is proud to live and work in Placer County. We’d love to have you come and visit our beautiful orchards atop our little hill in Penryn. It’s a great place to have a picnic. We’re just 2 miles from I-80 at the Penryn exit, about 10 minutes from the Galleria at Roseville. Our orchard is open daily during the season from 8 - 5, and we have plenty of parking. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mountain Mandarin Orchard Days

Join us and other Mountain Mandarin Growers' Association members at our orchards the first and third weekends in December for Mountain Mandarin Orchard Days. We’re #26 on the Mountain Mandarin® trail map. We have loads of family fun in store. Here are just of few of the things you’ll find:

  • Farm animals(weather permitting)
  • Crafters
  • Mandarin product sampling
  • Delicious, fresh, homemade tamales for sale
  • Picnic areas
  • Farm tours (weather permitting)
  • crafts for kids
  • Lots and lots of tree-ripened, hand-picked mandarins and other citrus

A Trip Through Mandarin Season

Hi, Tom Aguilar here, second generation mandarin farmer at Mandarin Hill Orchards. Come with me as I take you on the journey through mandarin season at our orchard.


March: Here are the buds starting to open. You can see the difference between new leaves and what will soon be blooms. Notice the new growth grows from the bud located between the old leaf stem and the main stem. The direction of growth can actually be manipulated by pruning. Just leave the last bud pointing toward where you want the new branch. Sounds simple, doesn't it?


April: Notice the tiny white buds are getting ready to "pop" open? They look like small popcorn kernels. And the leaf stem has grown longer.


Late April: The first bud "popped." The orchard is turning white.


Early May: All these blooms are open. Man, the orchard smells wonderful!


Mid May: The blooms are finished and you can see the tiny mandarins coming to life.


Early June: Two mandarins are "pea" size and one a little larger. Soon will be the "June drop."


End of June: You can see the two upper mandarins fell off in the "June drop." The survivor is a little smaller than a cherry, but still has the July heat drop to live through. It's still too early to determine crop volume or quality and so far this summer has been mild.


Early July: I think the "June drop" is finished. The yellow dots on the ground are immature mandarins that didn't make it, but there is still a lot of fruit on the trees.


Late August: This mandarin is about golf ball size now and another is peeking out from below it. I didn't even know it was there until I saw the photo!


Mid October: Well, they are finally getting color. It's getting exciting! A few days of cold weather will really help them color-up.


Early November: It’s mandarin time!

Contact Information

Orchard Address: 2334 Mandarin Hill Lane, Penryn, CA 95663

Mailing Address: P O Box 96, Penryn CA 95663



Placer County Satsuma Mandarin Grove

Directions to #26 Mandarin Hill Orchards:

NOTE: Internet directions are frequently wrong. Please click here for a map and directions to our citrus orchards, follow these directions or use the GPS coordinates provided below.

We are 2 miles from the I-80 at the Penryn exit.

From Sacramento: Take I-80 East, exit Penryn Road #112, turn left over freeway, turn right onto Taylor Road, turn left at the 4-way flashing light onto English Colony, turn left onto Rippey Road (just before the post office), turn right onto Mandarin Hill Lane.

From Reno: Take I-80 West, exit Penryn Road #112, turn right onto Penryn Road, turn right onto Taylor Road, turn left at the 4-way flashing light onto English Colony, turn left onto Rippey Road (just before the post office), turn right onto Mandarin Hill Lane.

GPS: 38°51'01.03"N, 121°10'26.90"W

Elevation: 596'


Watch Our Videos

In December, we were honored to have our mandarins chosen as Raley's Produce of the Month.


Earlier in 2013, Westin Hotels featured our mandarin grove in one of their commercials.